MicroFly II®

Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System

Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


Improve military mission capabilities without compromising safety or increasing training requirements. The MicroFly II® is an autonomous equipment delivery system that emphasizes ease of use, flexibility, and low cost. The MicroFly II® is designed to utilize the same canopy as the HAHO/HALO insertion teams to allow both equipment and jumper to land together. It can also be used in a standalone configuration supplying small weight range payload to designated drop zones.


  • Keep the unit intact and in control of its equipment throughout the entire insertion phase of the operation
  • Use with any ram-air canopy, including the Airborne Systems Intruder 360® (RA-1), MC-4, MC-5, or others based on mission requirements
  • Rig the MicroFly II® to a bundle in 10 minutes with no pyrotechnic devices
  • Lands autonomously into the wind or along a linear feature such as a road by entering a specific landing zone
  • Fly multiple MicroFly II® systems manually using the remote control unit
  • Comes standard with Airborne Systems Mission Planner (jTrax-MP)*
  • Compatible with the current USAF JPADS Mission Planner (JPADS MP)

*The Airborne Systems Mission Planner is capable of running simulated missions in virtual operational environments when using terrain-mapping software.




MicroFly II® Airborne Guidance Unit

Size: 17.5” X 12.5” X 5.5”(44.5cm X 31.8cm X 13.9cm)

Weight: 27lb (12.25 kg)

Charge Time: 3 hours


Deployment Method

Drogue-fall HALO or HAHO

Remote Guidance Unit

Size: 7” X 5” X 1.5” (18cm X 12.5cm X 3.8cm)

Weight: 1 lb (0.45kg)

Battery: Standard AA size

Display: Backlit / Night Vision Goggle Readable

Range: 10 miles