Airborne Systems France


Airborne Systems France has been an active company since 1 September 2013, providing first level technical expertise, repair, training and re-supply of parts for IrvinGQ products, with main functions being:

  • To support current Airborne Systems activities mainly in France, but also in continental Europe;
  • To address future identified needs in France (renewal of equipment for parachuting and airdrop of equipment);
  • To provide access to a local capability for in-service support.


  • Design
  • In-Service Support
  • Expertise and Trials
  • Training
  • Manufacturing


ASF are able to conduct design studies using the best project management practice, from the initial analysis of customer’s requirements until the delivery of the qualified products, with their manuals for usage and maintenance. The projects can be different in nature or in size, but they are all considered with the same objectives of performance and quality.

Oxygen distribution unit transportable by air, designed for the French Army

In-Service Support

Operational maintenance of in service equipment is a major concern for all users. ASF are able to provide support at the relevant level, with regard to their customer’s needs, in order to offer the best possible service. Such support can be limited to the provision of spares, for instance, or can be global with a commitment in terms of availability.

Parachute and harness-container repairs

Expertise and Trials

ASF are able to provide expertise and advice to any stakeholder having to consider the constraints associated to airdrop of equipment, parachuting and transport by air. Such activities can be completed with trials, on the ground or in-flight, subject to the type of justification requested for each project.

Definition of a shock absorber configuration

Mobile test facility to simulate airdrop of bundles


ASF deliver trainings to use and maintain various airdrop and parachuting systems. Those trainings are conducted by seasoned instructors, on the basis of training plans tailored to each system, but with a level of flexibility in order to accommodate customer’s constraints, if any. Moreover, dedicated training supports can be developed in order to allow future trainers delivering similar trainings within their units.

Training of foreign parachutists


ASF are able to manufacture prototypes and limited quantities of textile equipment in their premises. For the manufacturing of bigger quantities of equipment or when other materials are involved, selected industrial partners can also be used.