Irvin awarded development of parachute program for NASA Orion spacecraft replacing the space shuttle in 2010.


Space X — Irvin develops the parachute recovery system for first stage recovery of Falcon I commercial launch vehicle for low cost transport of satellites to low earth orbit.


NASA Pad Abort Demonstrator program flies 4,156 ft diameter Ringsail cluster — recovery system test, demonstrating technology for a future manned spacecraft crew.


F-22 development aircraft successfully conducts flight tests with Irvin’s self-monitoring, pilot-actuated Spin/Stall Parachute Recovery System.


World-record largest parachute cluster flight for the Kistler K-1 development using six 156 ft ringsail parachutes.


Irvin designs and tests a cluster of 3 Ringsail parachutes to recover the Boeing EELV concept’s 20,000 lb propulsion module demonstrating the technology to successfully return the first stage rocket engine to a water landing for subsequent recovery, refurbishment and re-use.


Space Shuttle Endeavor successfully lands using an Irvin brake-parachute.


Irvin flight termination & mid-air recovery system is used on the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM).


Irvin develops and qualifies parachute system for the NASA Pioneer Venus program.


Goodyear, in collaboration with Irvin, uses a parachute decelerator system to safely land the Viking spacecraft on Mars.