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    This video is provided for informational purposes to demonstrate how the [RA-1 or T-11] parachute system should be properly fitted. The video is not intended to replace or substitute proper training and instruction provided with the [RA-1 or T-11] parachute system. This is an educational video for experienced parachute industry professionals. Airborne Systems is not responsible for any injuries, including death, resulting from parachuting with our products, or any parachute product on the market. This is an instructional video and is not a promise, guarantee, or implication that a parachute product will not have a malfunction or be improperly fitted by the user. This video is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is not the purpose of this video to qualify this audience in parachute jumping or operations. Anyone utilizing these or any other parachute system must be qualified and trained by a professional instructor or institution, and duly certified.

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