En Airborne Systems, diseñamos y fabricamos paracaídas y productos relacionados de alta calidad y de alto rendimiento para el ejército y para los equipos de búsqueda y rescate. Durante casi un siglo, hemos establecido los más altos estándares de capacidad, calidad y rendimiento con nuestra ingeniería, nuestra fabricación, nuestra capacitación y nuestro servicio de clase mundial.

Airborne Systems es una empresa global que pone a disposición de sus clientes en el mercado una historia y un legado que incluye a cuatro de las principales empresas de paracaídas del mundo. Ninguna otra empresa de paracaídas cuenta con los mismos recursos que Airborne Systems.

Cada una de las empresas que forma parte de Airborne Systems ofrece diferentes oportunidades de empleo y crecimiento profesional, así como una serie de beneficios integrales, lo que le permite a Airborne Systems atraer y retener a su recurso más importante: su capital humano.

Venga a formar parte de este exitoso y respetado equipo que está en crecimiento constante. En especial, invitamos al personal militar en transición a explorar las oportunidades que ofrece Airborne Systems.

Airborne Systems ofrece igualdad de oportunidades y todos los candidatos calificados serán considerados para obtener un empleo sin tener en cuenta lo siguiente: raza, color, religión, sexo, nacionalidad, discapacidad, estado de veterano o cualquier otra característica protegida por la ley.

Contratista federal autorizado por la ley VEVRAA.


Posiciones Disponibles

Pennsauken, New Jersey

(English) This position performs all or any combination of tasks required to cut any panels or cut parts used in the manufacture of parachute systems. Machinery and tools to be used for such tasks include, but are not limited to: laser cutter, hand driller, electric fabric cutting saw and hot knife.
(English) To repair and maintain all sewing machines as well as other equipment, tools, and machinery. The sewing machine mechanic position also performs building maintenance as needed. Independent judgment is often required for this position due to the limited standardization in repair methods and procedures.
(English) The Training Manager will coordinate all Personnel, GPADS, O2 and support equipment training activities to plan and develop training programs for our customer base.
(English) This Quality Inspector completes all or any combination of, inspection and/or testing tasks required to ensure that manufactured items conform to company and industry quality standards as well as to contract specifications when required. These duties generally require a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail as well as moderate to heavy lifting.
(English) The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) & Facility Manager is directly responsible for all aspects of facility maintenance, responsible for providing for a safe and healthful atmosphere within the workplace and for compliance with all federal, state and local environmental and safety regulations.
(English) Supports all activities across the company related to management and continued implementation of effective export compliance programs under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Develops and maintains trade compliance policies and operational procedures and updates them according to the regulatory changes brought about by the US government and other procedural changes that apply to export compliance. Prepares complex licenses and agreements to support sales programs and initiatives including agents and reseller agreements.
Completes a combination of the sewing functions required to assemble the raw materials for the manufacture of the parachutes and/or related parts, in a reasonable period of time and in accordance with company quality standards. This position generally requires a skilled operator comfortable working with difficult, awkward materials and capable of using standard measuring tools. Daily duties will include the operation of any or all of the following sewing/other machines, both manual and computer driven automatic: all gauge double needle, single needle, bartackers, zigzag and merrow/overlock.