SOLR™ 3000 and SOLR™ 4500



Compact Parachute Oxygen Systems Design and Greater Oxygen Capacity

The SOLR™ 3000 bailout bottle is the latest of the military parachute oxygen systems designed by Airborne Systems. When used with a parachutist oxygen mask, it is suitable for the most extreme army HAHO / HALO missions. The 122 cu. in. oxygen bottle has similar measurements than the current PHAOS 120 oxygen bottle but offers over 60% more oxygen capacity for increased flight duration under canopy. 

Extended Parachute Oxygen Systems Range for Airborne Insertions

Designed to support the warfighter before, during and after the mission, the 51 cubic inch oxygen bottle offers a compact size while still delivering plenty of oxygen for high altitude operations.  

The manifold size has been reduced to lower the equipment footprint and weight on the jumpers, the new design can be stored full for extended periods without pressure loss. The double action rotating oxygen toggle switch eliminates unintentional oxygen flow shut off for increased safety. The manifold maintenance intervals have been significantly increased (inspection every 30 months, service every 60 months).  

SOLR™ 3000 and SOLR™ 4500 Superior Engineering and Design

  • Lightweight 
  • Available in 3,000 psig and 4,500 psig fill pressure 
  • SOLR™ 3000 – Over 60% more oxygen with the same bottle measurements as the 120 cu in PHAOS 
  • SOLR™ 4500 – 50% more than SOLR™ 3000 
  • Brass pressure reducer, oxygen safe up to 4,500 psig (tested @ 5,395 psig) 
  • Universal compatibility with legacy systems 
  • Low profile oxygen gauge 
  • Secured output oxygen flow 
  • Easy oxygen gauge visibility 
  • Console interface includes automatic shutoff feature when connected to the console 
  • Manifold is 50% smaller and ensures no measurable oxygen leaks 
  • The double action rotating toggle oxygen switch eliminates unintentional oxygen flow shutoff for increased safety 
  • Compatible with U.S. Army POM mask and Airborne  

SOLR™ 3000 and SOLR™ 4500 Parachute Oxygen Systems Products

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