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(English) High Deployment Weight, Precise Infiltration, Reliable Performance


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MC-6+ Maneuverable Troop Parachute System

The MC-6+ is the next evolution of the trusted MC-6, used by U.S. Special Forces since 2009. It’s tailored for precise infiltration of heavily loaded jumpers. With enhanced features including a larger canopy, higher maximum deployment weight, and slower descent rate, MC-6+ maintains the legacy of safety and reliability.

MC-6+ Main Canopy

The MC-6+ canopy is a highly modified 28-gore polyconical parachute with a 36 ft. nominal diameter. Its unique drive system enables quick turns with minimal pendular motion, allowing control of forward speed and turn rate. With a low descent rate, it ensures safe infiltration into various drop zones, including high elevations. Despite its slightly larger size, it can be packed into a standard MC-6 pack tray for easy transition with main parachutes.

The MC-6+ has demonstrated superior performance at higher weights compared to the MC-6 and MC1-1C. It retains the unique capability of allowing jumpers to back-up in deep brakes, facilitating easy correction of landing point overshoots. This contrasts with the MC1-1C, which requires a hazardous 360° turn for similar corrections. Additionally, the MC-6 exhibits softer openings at higher elevations and avoids damage seen in the MC1-1C under similar deployment conditions.

T-11R Reserve Parachute

  • Aeroconical reserve canopy that has proven its reliable performance while in service with U.S. and International Militaries
  • Ensures rapid deployment with minimal post-inflation collapse and altitude loss
  • Designed to inflate in all malfunction modes and even with a full main canopy
  • Provides comprehensive safety in case of inadvertent deployment

MC-6+ Harness Assembly

  • Saddle design with multi-directional adjustment
  • Two rugged Capewell releases meeting stringent requirements
  • Full adjustability from the 5th to 95th percentile for both males and females
  • Four comfort pads at the shoulders and under the leg straps for enhanced comfort
  • Two main harness straps can be pre-sized prior to donning for an improved fit



(English) Maximum All Up Weight
450 lb (204 kg)
Minimum Deployment Altitude
500 ft (152 m)

(English) Assembled weight (w/o reserve)
32 lb (14.5 kg)
Nominal diameter
36 ft (11 m)

(English) Number of gores
Time for a 360° turn
9 seconds