PS-2 Multi-Mission Parachute System


The PS-2 is a new parachute system that combines a Hi-5 canopy with a brand new harness container, known as the Edge. It is also equipped with an attachable military working dog harness.

The Hi-5 canopy is best known for its outstanding glide modulation system. The Hi-5 features a remarkable 5:1 glide ratio and can transition to a 1:1 glide ratio with a simple control input using the Glide Modulation System.  JC Berland, Chief Technology Officer of Airborne Systems, says, “The Hi-5 offers superior glide performance with its unique patent pending Glide Modulation System. It offers stability and resistance to stall and allows for the most accurate landings.”

Superior Ram Air Parachute Design

The Hi-5  offers: 

  • A higher All Up Weight (AUW) of 485lbs on both the main and reserve 
  • A greater glide ratio of 5:1 
  • A docile & safe canopy* 
  • A silent canopy 
  • Ease of use 
  • Ease of maintenance 

* Even in full brake, the canopy does not stall. The toggle’s pressure is light even with heavy weight. 



Specifications for the Hi-5 Main

Parachute Type
Elliptical 11 Cell Ram Air

Maximum Deployment Altitude
25,000 ft (7,620 m) AMSL


Area: 370 ft² (34 m²)


Minimum Deployment Altitude
3,500 ft (1,067) m) AGL

Maximum All Up Weight

425 lb (193 kg)

Minimum All Up Weight
210 lb (95 kg)

Rate of Descent at 350 lb (159 kg)

7.5 ft/s or 2.3 m/s

Deployment Method
Spring Loaded Pilot Chute
Double Bag Static Line
Bottom of Container Throw Out Chute
Dogue Deployed (MMS)

Glide Ratio