PS-2 Multi-Mission Parachute System


The PS-2 Multi-Mission Parachute System is the latest High Performance Parachute System offered by Airborne Systems. The PS-2 features a harness container that is capable of both bottom-of-container pilot chute deployment and drogue fall deployment methods. The drogue system utilizes a new center of pack mounted drogue release with several key features:

  • Flat jumper position while in droguefall
  • Inherently safe design causes drogue to release if the Main container opens
  • Two stage drogue collapse eliminates the “Trap-Door” effect when the drogue is released
  • New proprietary drogue design is stable and consistent during droguefall

The harness container incorporates eight attachment points including high attachment points with outboard handles to provide the user the maximum ability to customize equipment attachments. Additional attachments include oxygen and radio pouches that can be set up on either side of the jumper. Specially designed air vent padding ensures the Harness fits the jumper comfortably while maintaining maximum airflow to cool the jumper. Primary and secondary drogue release handles are located in standard positioning to ensure easy transition for qualified jumpers.

PS-2 is currently offered in two sizes, 300 and 370 square foot canopies. A K9 harness is also available for any configuration. Each of these sizes use the Hi-5 canopy as the main and reserve. The Hi-5 canopy is best known for its outstanding glide modulation system. The Hi-5 features a remarkable 5:1 glide ratio and can transition to a 1:1 glide ratio with a simple control input using the Glide Modulation System.



Specifications for the PS-2 Small

Minimum All Up Weight
165 lb (75 kg)

Maximum All Up Weight
425 lb (193 kg)


Maximum Deployment Altitude
24,999 ft (7620 m) AMSL

Minimum Deployment Altitude

4000 ft (1219 m) AGL

Maximum Glide Ratio
4.7 to 5:1

Sizes offered

Small and Large (300 ft² and 370 ft² canopies)

Deployment Method
Spring Loaded Pilot Chute
Double Bag Static Line
Bottom of Container Throw Out Chute
Dogue Deployed (MMS)