jTrax Navaid Parachute Navigation System

jTrax Navaid® Mission Planner Course

Our jTrax Navaid® Mission Planner Course teaches students to generate mission plans for free-fall jumpers as well as guided precision aerial delivery systems (GPADS/JPADS). This course ensures that students are able to make decisions that are safe, consistent with best practices, and maximize potential for GPADS/JPADS and MFF mission success.  

Parachute Oxygen Systems for Military - SOLR™

SOLR® Personnel Oxygen System Courses

Airborne Systems offers courses on our line of SOLR® Oxygen equipment, such as the 3,000 and 4,500 psi bailout bottles, OXCON, and the SOLR® Oxygen Mask. These courses include basic inspection and repair of the SOLR® equipment with our skilled designers of the products themselves.

GPADS Courses

The Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS) Course qualifies students to assemble, inspect, pack, rig, program, and maintain any of the GPADS platforms manufactured by Airborne Systems. As part of the GPADS Operator Course, students are taught how to plan missions and conduct GPADS drops (live drops are typically conducted as part of this course. […]

Ram Air Parachute Training for Army Military

Ram Air Parachute Systems: Intruder® (RA-1) and Hi-5® Courses

Airborne Systems is proud to offer courses for our high performance ram air parachute systems, the RA-1 (Intruder®), and the Hi-5®. Each course qualifies riggers to pack the main and reserve canopies of either the Intruder® or the Hi-5®, depending on which course is chosen. Rigger students are also qualified on inspection, assembly, and maintenance of the […]

Troop Parachute Training - T-11, MC-6

Troop Parachute Systems Courses- T-11 and MC-6

Airborne Systems offers courses are both our troop parachute systems, the T-11 and the MC-6. Typically each course spans 10 days, however they can be customized depending on the needs and skills of the participating students. T-11 Course: The T-11 Course qualifies rigger students to pack the T-11 main and T-11R reserve parachutes. Instruction on […]

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