Non-Steerable T-11 Army Parachute

The T-11 is in exclusive use with the U.S. Army which was designed, developed and manufactured by Airborne Systems. The T-11 military parachute is the next generation non-steerable troop parachute system, and includes a completely redesigned main and reserve parachute and an integrated harness assembly that is suitable for a wider range of soldier weights than the previous system.  Airborne Systems is the only qualified source to provide the T-11 system internationally. 

The T-11 system includes the main canopy and harness and the T-11R reserve parachute. 

A New, Safer Generation of Troop Parachutes

The unique design of the main canopy allows for minimal oscillation after canopy inflation, even after lowering the combat load. The T-11 achieves a lower rate of descent by having a canopy that is 28 percent larger than the T-10, resulting in a remarkable reduction in landing injuries; greater than 75% over 3,000 jumps. 

Static-line T-11 Military Parachute System

  • Carries a paratrooper with a total exit weight of 400 lb. 
  • Reduces jumper injury rate by over 75% 
  • Minimizes opening shock thanks to a unique canopy sleeve and slider allowing for canopy inflation time of about 6 seconds 
  • Improved reliability and consistency 
  • Provides a slower rate of descent and zero oscillation even after lowering the combat load 
  • Adjusts to fit all body sizes from the 5th percentile female through the 97th percentile male 

T-11R Reserve Parachute

In addition to the new main canopy, the T-11R reserve parachute was built to fit the T-11 system’s weight range. Its innovative aero-conical design, which successfully passed all U.S. Army tests and evaluations, ensures quick and reliable opening for fast and slow malfunctions with no oscillations. 

New Features of the T-11R Parachute:

  • Center pull handle that allows the jumper to activate using either hand 
  • Low rate of descent 
  • Maintained vertical orientation for the jumper allowing proper landing attitude 
  • Full qualification for use with both MC-6 and T-11 main parachute systems



Specifications for the T-11 and T-11 Reserve

Maximum All Up Weight
400 lb (180 kg)

Maximum Deployment Altitude
7,500 ft (2,286 m)



Main parachute, harness and pack tray weight
36.8 lb (16.6 kg)

Rate of descent at sea level
< 18 ft/s  (5.5 m/s)

Oscillation angle
< 5 degrees

Shelf life
15 year shelf life, 12 year service life

Repack cycle
120 days