100 Year Anniversary Release: 2019 Historical Calendar

19 Oct 2018
Pennsauken, NJ

For our October 19th release to honor our 100 year anniversary coming up in June of 2019, we have designed a calendar full of historical facts about our story over the last 100 years!

January: 1928: Leslie Irvin opens a factory dedicated solely to the production of Irving parachutes in Buffalo, NY.

February: 1963: Landing brake-parachute is developed by Irvin for SR-71.

March: 1964: Irvin produces the XB-70A Landing Deceleration System.

April: 1986: Irvin Industries develops an air droppable light weight survival kit (SKAD), containing two six-man inflatable rafts and emergency survival equipment.

May: 1996: Irvin designs and tests a cluster of 3 Ringsail parachutes to recover the Boeing EELV concept’s 20,000 lb propulsion module.

June: 1999: F-22 development aircraft successfully conducts flight tests with Irvin’s self-monitoring, pilot-actuated Spin/Stall Parachute Recovery System.

July: 2002: Para-Flite designs and produces the Advanced Tactical Parachute Systems, known as the T-11.

August: 2005: Para-Flite develops the parachute systems for first stage recovery of Falcon I commercial launch vehicle.

September: 2006: Airborne Systems competed and won the design competition for the MC-6 as the replacement for the MC-1 for the U.S. Army.

October: 2015: Blue Origin has a successful first flight.

November: 2017: The K-9 dog harness is developed.

December: 2018: Airborne Systems is awarded the contract for the Enhanced Multi-Mission Parachute System (E-MMPS) for the United States Marine Corps.

If you are interested in a 2019 calendar, contact Maria Holman at maria.holman@airborne-sys.com!