Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


MC-6 Maneuverable Army Troop Parachute System

Developed through the U.S. Army Special Operations Force’s Tactical Assault Parachute System (SOFTAPS) program for precision infiltration, the MC-6 army troop parachute features the latest in advanced technology for steerable military parachute systems. It offers greater maneuverability, exceptional performance in high altitude drop zones and achieves a lower rate of descent compared to the MC-1 system. The MC-6 System has replaced all the MC-1 steerable troop parachutes in the U.S. military. Airborne Systems is the only source qualified to provide the MC-6 system internationally. 

MC-6 Main Canopy (formerly known as the SF-10A)

The MC-6 main canopy is a steerable, round, 28 gore polyconic parachute, which has been used by U.S. Special Forces for over 10 years, proving itself to be consistently safe and reliable. 

The SF-10A has demonstrated softer openings at higher elevations and does not suffer from the type of damage seen on the MC1-1C at this deployment condition.  

MC-6 Superior Canopy Technology Allows for Better Steering Control

  • Turn quickly with minimum pendular motion thanks to the canopy’s nominal 32 ft. diameter and a unique drive system 
  • Correct a landing point overshoot with the MC-6’s unique ability to back-up in deep brakes 
  • Control forward speed and turn-rate in flight 
  • Safely infiltrate all types of drop-zones, including those at high elevations due to a low rate of descent 

T-11R Reserve Parachute

The T-11R is an aero-conical design based on the current UK Low Level Parachute reserve canopy, but with increased structural strength. 

  • Opens rapidly with minimal post-inflation collapse and altitude loss. 
  • Inflates in all malfunction modes, as well as with a full main canopy, should the reserve be deployed inadvertently. 

MC-6 Harness Assembly

  • Improved fit and comfort to the parachutist. The two main harness straps can be pre-sized by the jumper prior to donning the assembly. 
  • Saddle design with multi-directional adjustment fits a wide range of jumpers, from the 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male. 
  • Incorporates two rugged Capewell releases to meet even the most stringent requirements. 
  • Four comfort pads are located at the shoulders and under the leg straps. 



Maximum All Up Weight
400 lb (181 kg)
Minimum Deployment Altitude
500 ft (152 m)

Assembled weight (w/o reserve)
29 lb (13 kg)
Nominal diameter
32 ft (9.8 m)

Number of gores
Time for a 360° turn
5 seconds