Airborne Systems’ 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

19 Jun 2018
Pennsauken, NJ

In June of 2019, Airborne Systems will celebrate 100 years as the number one Military Parachute Company in the world!

In order to properly commemorate this amazing accomplishment, each month we will be honoring our 100 year anniversary with a creative release. To kick off the first month, we thought a brief historical lesson in the form of a poem would be perfect.


From his first jump as just a young teen

To jumping out of a plane in 1914

Leslie Irvin was a pioneer in parachutes

On this point there is no dispute.


In 1919 he made the world’s first free fall descent

Using the first rip cord, down he went

Even though he broke his ankle when he landed

The Irving Air Chute Company he later branded.


A clerical error caused the name change to Irving

So, Leslie let it go because it had a nice ring.

But in 1970 back to Irvin Air Chute it went

And today Airborne Systems is the name 100 percent!


During WWII Irving Air Chute saved over 10,000 lives

Ensuring that stateside there were many happy wives.

The Irvin name became the standard for quality

And soon became worldwide policy.


Irving Air Chute was always a pioneer

On that point we are very clear

Patenting folding methods and switching to nylon are just some ways

That the parachutes were able to be used by Allied forces on D-Day,


In this 100th anniversary year of this historic event

We celebrate Irvin’s ability to invent

Making parachutes safer for all

Is something which we can all applaud!


Be sure to check back here on the 19th of every month to see what 100 themed ideas we come up with!