Training: Ram Air Parachute Systems: Intruder® (RA-series) and Hi-5® Courses

10 Days - 1 Instructor for every 4 students

Inspection, assembly, and packing of ram-air parachute systems (main and reserve) to include spring-loaded pilot chute, hand-deployed pilot chute, double-bag static line, self-set drogue, and static line drogue.

Ram Air Parachute Systems: Intruder® (RA-series) and Hi-5 Courses Overview

Ram Air Parachute Systems: Intruder® (RA-series) and Hi-5 Courses

Airborne Systems is proud to offer courses for our high performance ram air parachute systems, the Intruder®, and the Hi-5. Each course qualifies riggers to pack the main and reserve canopies of either the Intruder® or the Hi-5, depending on which course is chosen. Rigger students are also qualified on inspection, assembly, and maintenance of the system. Instruction on converting the system between static line and free fall configuration is also provided. Jump Master students are taught ‘Jump Master Personnel Inspection’ (JMPI), how to calculate the Computed  Air Release Point (CARP), actions in the aircraft, and are given hands-on instruction on the flying of the Intruder® or Hi-5® canopy.