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The Marauder is the combination of two of our best ram air parachutes, the Hi-5 and RA-1. The Hi-5 is known for it’s high glide capability, complete with glide modulation. The Intruder® (RA-1) is known for it’s more conservative profile and docile behavior. The Marauder is the perfect combination of the two parachutes, resulting in a new military freefall parachute possessing the best capabilities from both product lines.

Main Canopy

The Marauder is a 9 cell canopy, utilizing the same planform, pressurized end cells, and proven reliability of the Intruder® canopy, fielded by the U.S. Army as RA-1. Utilizing the wingtip geometry and trim from the Intruder® gives the Marauder the same light toggle pressure, stability in deep brakes, on-heading openings, and powerful flare as the proven Intruder® design.
The Marauder features a high-lift airfoil section for the center cells, providing an improved glide ratio over the traditional Intruder®. The Marauder is capable of glide modulation, which was invented by Airborne Systems and used on the Hi-5 parachute series.

Glide Modulation Meets Docile Canopy

Glide modulation is a new technology for parachute control, unique to Airborne Systems. An additional control toggle is installed on the front riser that allows the pilot to smoothly transition the Marauder’s glide ratio from full flight at 4.5:1, down to a steep glide at 1.5:1. Glide modulation allows jumpers to land in small areas using a straight-in approach without deep brakes or low turns. Glide modulation can also achieve any glide ratio within the range, allowing jumpers to build and maintain stacks intuitively, at low closing speeds, which improves safety and reduces training required to achieve high proficiency.


The Marauder main canopy is compatible with the Intruder® (RA-1) or the Hi-5 reserve canopies, and has a pack volume compatible with any container currently equipped with the RA-360 (RA-1) or the Hi-5 370.



(English) Specifications for the Marauder Main

Parachute Type
Elliptical 9 Cell Ram Air

Maximum Deployment Altitude
25,000 ft (7,620) AGL

Area: 360 ft² (33 m²)

(English) Minimum Deployment Altitude
3,500 ft (1,067) m) AGL

Maximum All Up Weight

450 lb (204 kg)

Minimum All Up Weight
165 lb (75 kg)

(English) Rate of Descent at 350 lb (159 kg)

7.5 ft/s or 2.3 m/s

Deployment Method
Spring Loaded Pilot Chute
Double Bag Static Line
Bottom of Container Pilot Chute
Drogue Deployed (MMS)

Glide Ratio
4.5: 1 / 1.5: 1