Intruder System (RA-1)


Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


Intruder RA-1 – From Novice to Special Forces

Designed to meet the requirements of military users, the Intruder RA-1 System, type classified as the RA-1 by the U.S. Army, is suited for a beginner jumper in need of docile performance or an experienced pilot who demands performance extremes for mission success.

Night Landing

The Intruder RA-1 advanced parachute system, consisting of the Intruder® 360 main parachute, the Intruder® 360 reserve parachute, and the Raider 2 harness/container, has been specifically designed for jumpers carrying heavy loads into rough, unfamiliar drop zones at night.  These conditions demand a canopy that provides superior glide performance for maximum offset and performance characteristics to minimize the potential for injury on landing.


The Intruder RA-1 has been certified for use to 25,000 ft. above mean sea level to an all up weight of 450 lb., a 90 lb. increase over the MC-4. Both the main and reserve parachutes utilize a unique airfoil section which provides a 4:1 glide ratio, allowing jumpers to travel farther under canopy. The design of the RA-1 canopy provides a unique stall resistant ability that significantly reduces the potential for jumper injury on landing.

Parachute Design Versatility

Intended for use during HALO or HAHO missions, the Intruder 360 main canopy incorporates a design developed by Airborne Systems that improves velocity and glide.

The harness has been developed to accommodate a wider anthropomorphic range (5% female to 95% male) while providing greater comfort. The RA-1 harness container is capable of accommodating all mission essential equipment such as weapon tie down points, radio pouches, and the use of oxygen systems.

The Intruder® system is also available with smaller Intruder® main and reserve canopy at 300 ft².

Smooth and Silent

Pressurized stabilizers increase glide performance and improve performance in deep brakes by forcing the canopy to track forward without lateral slip. The pressurized stabilizers also render the canopy completely silent.

Light toggle pressure and long control strokes make deep brake maneuvers and recovery smooth and easy.

Intruder RA-1 Compatibility

Intruder 360 main canopy is compatible with Airborne System’s new MicroFly II® Equipment Delivery System.

Intruder® 360 Main Canopy

The main canopy is a nine cell hybrid construction (zero porosity top skin, 1.1 oz. 0-3 CFM nylon bottom skin) capable of three deployment methods: Double Bag Static Line (DBSL), Over the Shoulder Ripcord (OTS), and Bottom of Container Throw Out Pilot Chute (BOC).

Intruder® 360 Reserve Parachute

The nine cell reserve canopy is constructed of 1.1 oz., 0-3 CFM nylon, making the reserve easier to pack. The RA-1 reserve also matches the 4:1 glide ratio of the RA-1 main canopy. Incorporation of vents in the canopy bottom skin and mesh in the slider allow the reserve to meet demanding requirements for altitude loss on opening through the entire performance range of the RA-1.

Intruder RA-1 Harness Container

  • Bio-harness providing greater comfort by spreading the system’s weight on a greater area of the body.
  • Versatile attachment points ensuring any rucksack attachment configuration.
  • Can carry an All Up Weight of 450 lb.(204 kg) when used with the Intruder® 360 reserve canopy.

Intruder RA-1 Accessories

  • Double bag static line components
  • BOC pilot chute components
  • Oxygen pockets
  • Radio pocket
  • Carry bag
  • HAHO seat

Parachute Harness Design – Raider-2 Harness Container

The Raider-2 Harness/Container is the newest innovation in tactical parachute harness systems.  It is designed specifically for improved comfort and versatility. The container is sized to fit any of Airborne Systems Intruder 360, Hi-5 and Hi-Glide Canopies.

The Raider-2 provides:

  • Greater comfort with the patented Bio-contour
  • Magnetic riser covers
  • Versatile deployment methods with spring loaded pilot chute, hand deploy pilot chute, or static line
  • Single pin reserve with clear inspection window
  • Attachment points for the Airborne Systems Patent Pending Parachutist Seat



Parachute Type: Elliptical 9 Cell Ram Air, Pressurized Stabilizers

Max All Up Weight: 450 lb (204 kg)

Area: 360 ft² (33.4 m2)
Span: 31.7 ft (9.7 m)
Aspect Ratio: 2.79 (b2/Sw)
Chord Middle: 12 ft (3.7 m)
Chord Tips: 9.7 ft (3 m)


Deployment Method: Free Fall, Static Line

Line strength and Type: Spectra 1000 lb (454 kg)

Deployment Altitude
Maximum: 25,000 ft. MSL (7620 m)

Lift/Drag Ratio
Full Glide: 4:1

Rate of Descent
Full Flight @ 250 lb: 8.5 fps (2.6 mps)
1/4 Brake @ 250 lb: 8.5 fps (2.6 mps)
1/2 Brake @ 250 lb: 8 fps (2.4 mps)
3/4 Brake @ 250 lb: 8 fps (2.4 mps)

Resistant to stall