Virtual Trade Show

Airborne Systems Combo Drop MicroFly II Army Cargo delivery system. JPADS / GPADS: Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System. Use with any Airborne Systems Ram Air Canopy. Troop jumper and cargo parachutes from below with blue sky.

Although important industry conferences like SOFIC and Eurosatory have been cancelled or postponed because of the global pandemic, we know that military missions and preparedness must be maintained.

In order to bring the latest technology to you, we are offering a virtual trade show:

  • Meet one-on-one with a subject matter expert specific to your needs
  • Get a close-up, live tour of one or more products, from personnel parachutes and GPADS, to oxygen systems and training programs
  • Ask about our custom design and engineering services
  • Discuss requirements and request quotes and turnaround times


What's a Trade Show Without Swag?

Get your trade show swag when you meet with one of our subject matter experts.
Enjoy one of our distinguished looking t-shirts, or one of our other fine, branded items.


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