Blue Origin Completes Successful Test Flight With Help From Airborne Systems

27 jul 2016

Blue Origin had a successful second flight test of their New Shepard spacecraft, a reusable sub-orbital rocket and capsule designed to boost passengers out of Earth’s atmosphere for brief forays in space. This test is the first to include a fully successful landing of both the crew capsule and its booster.

Airborne Systems plays an integral part in this mission by providing the parachutes for a safe landing, which was also a success in the flight test. The recovery system is comprised of three 85.6 ft. Do ringsail parachutes and three mortar deployed 9.85 ft. Do drogue parachutes. Debbie Gardinier, Blue Origin Program Manager, and the Airborne Systems’ Space and Recovery team have been on-board with Blue Origin since 2009. A big congratulations to all involved!

Watch the incredible video of the test here.

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