Press Release

Airborne Systems Welcomes Home SpaceX Crew-5

Airborne Systems North America congratulates NASA and SpaceX Crew-5 on a successful splashdown off the coast of Florida. Airborne Systems is proud to provide the main parachute systems for Dragon and assist in the return of its crew. The Dragon spacecraft, named Endurance, autonomously undocked, departed the space station, and splashed down Saturday night. Video […]

Airborne Systems Celebrates Our Very Own Ben Tutt

Airborne Systems Celebrates Our Very Own Ben Tutt Presented the Theodor W. Knacke Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Award Airborne Systems North America is proud to congratulate our Director of Engineering, Space and Recovery: Ben Tutt. Ben has been presented the Theodor W. Knacke Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Award. This award is the highest recognition in our industry. […]

Success! Orion And The Artemis Team

Congratulations Orion and the Artemis team on a superb mission! Airborne is proud to be the supplier of the eleven parachutes that brought Orion back for a magnificent splashdown. Designed and tested at Airborne over the past 16 years the system is well qualified and proven for future human rated missions. Airborne looks forward to […]

USMC Multi-Mission Parachute Course

ASNA (Airborne Systems North America) graduated the first 8 Military Free Fall Jumpers on the new USMC PS-2 Parachute designed and manufactured by Airborne Systems. The graduating of these jumpers along with the assessment of the United States Special Operations Command serves as the Validation and Certification for ASNA to begin the full 44 student […]

A Spectacular Launch & Deployment

Airborne congratulates the LaRC LOFTID and ULA teams on a spectacular launch and deployment of the HIAD (Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator) technology. This ambitious mission further demonstrated the viability and value of the HIAD technology and raised the TRL to help integrate this exciting and innovative deceleration technology into America’s space programs. Airborne is honored […]

Intruder® 210R Receives TSO-C23(f) Certification from FAA

Airborne Systems is pleased to announce the Intruder® 210R reserve parachute has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO-C23(f) certification, the latest and most stringent FAA certification standard. The Intruder® 210R is offered for use with our iRaider harness system, and is compatible with the full range of Instructor parachutes from 170 to 230. This integrated […]

The Final Countdown

We talked about our Journey to Mars, then we talked about the official launch to Mars, but now what? What comes next? Since we have a bit of time before we land on Mars on February 18, 2021 20:00 UTC, here is some key information on the mission itself, parachutes aside. “Perseverance is now on […]

Countdown to Mars Starts Now!

Something BIG is happening! The launch window for the Atlas V541 Rocket opens 7/30/20 at 7:50am EST, 4:50AM PST. This launch will mark the beginning of a seven month countdown to when the Perseverance rover will begin its entry, decent, and landing sequence on its last phase of its journey to the surface of Mars. […]