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Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain. Over the past several months, Airborne Systems has released a special tribute each month commemorating the 100th anniversary of two momentous events for our founder Leslie Irvin. On June 18, 1919 Leslie incorporated the Irvin Air Chute Company which has continued to grow and thrive throughout […]

Airborne Systems North America Remporte le Contrat Pour la Fourniture du Nouveau Système Multi-Mission (Enhanced Multi-Mission Parachute System) au Profit de l’US Marine Corps

Pennsauken, New Jersey [Le 5 Janvier 2018] Airborne Systems est fier d’annoncer la notification officielle du contrat pour la fourniture du nouvel ensemble parachute (E-MMPS) au profit de l’US Marine Corps (USMC). L’E-MMPS est composé de la voile « Hi-5 » associé au sac-harnais « EDGE » d’Airborne Systems, ainsi que d’un baudrier pour chien […]

Airborne Systems at BIDEC

Airborne Systems is proud to be exhibiting at BIDEC in Bahrain this week where we are showcasing our products and demonstrating many of our capabilities. Check out this article from the Bahrain News Agency featuring Joe DeCosta from the Airborne Systems team.

Vincent Mignot, International Business Unit Manager at Airborne Systems teaching class for Camden Youth Aviation Program. Screen behind him reads, "Emergency Escape; Airborne Systems. A leading provider of..." Military Parachute Training. Troop and cargo parachute certification for army riggers & jumpers. Instruction for oxygen and JPADS systems.

Camden Youth Aviation

Airborne Systems is proud to host learning sessions for the Camden Youth Aviation Program. This program is geared towards youths with a passion for aviation, good grades, and a dedication to expand their knowledge and pursue a career in the aviation field. These careers range from pilots, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, law related services, such […]


Airborne Systems North America will be exhibiting at DSEI in London in September. If you are attending, be sure to stop by. Visit the DSEI website to learn more about this world leading event.

Airborne Systems - Hi-5 Army Military Ram Air Parachute Personnel product system for military special forces jumpers with glide modulation. Carries 485 lbs. Max deployment altitude 25,000 feet. Paratrooper deployed parachute blue sky.

Airborne Systems’ Releases the Hi-5®

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Airborne Systems’ Releases the Hi-5® PENNSAUKEN, NJ October 3rd, 2016: Airborne Systems North America proudly presents the Hi-5® as the latest addition to our line of High Performance Ram Air Parachutes. The Hi-5® is truly unique among military parachutes, demonstrating exceptional ram air glide performance while allowing glide modulation to descend quickly and […]

Airborne Systems - DragonFly Army Cargo Delivery Parachute System. JPADS 10K System of Choice. Eliptical canopy carries loads up to 10,000 lbs. Max altitude 24,500 ft. Military cargo and canopy, blue sky.

World Food Programme

Airborne Systems est fier d’annoncer que nos produits ont été choisi pour sauver des vies en réponse à des crises humanitaires dans le monde entier. Le FlyClops 2K GPADS à usage unique est capable de livrer jusqu’a 998 kg de medicaments, de nourriture, d’eau, d’abris et tout autre type d’equipement de survie dans des endroits […]