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Airborne Systems cares about the health and safety of our customers worldwide as well as our employees and the communities we all share. At the same time, we want to assure our customers that we remain operational and available to serve our customers and deliver products in a safe manner.

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Ram Air Parachutes

Advanced Canopy Technologies

Airborne Systems designs and manufactures high-performance, truly-elliptical Ram-Air parachutes for various types of military missions, including the challenging special operations missions. Using advanced canopy technologies, these parachute systems provide responsive handling, safe flight characteristics, and exceptional glide performance.


Changing the Future of Parachute Systems

The Hi-5 system is revolutionary, providing the ability to control direction and rate of descent at the same time, to land in a small area. Watch the 3-minute video to discover how the advanced technology of this parachute can serve your mission.

Airborne Systems is the world’s most trusted resource for parachute design and manufacturing. We have a foundation of over 100 years of designing, developing, and fabricating parachutes. With the expertise of highly skilled engineers, craftsmen, and aerospace and defense professionals, we have gone beyond our company’s original founding principle of landing aviators safely, to using advanced technology to develop a diverse range of products for all kinds of applications and missions. Our company creates and manufactures best-in-class parachutes for the military; GPS precision guided cargo delivery systems; low cost cargo delivery parachutes; parachute releases; personnel and cargo systems; rescue and survival equipment; space and air vehicle recovery systems; and deceleration systems for high-performance aircrafts.

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Airborne Systems FireFly Army Cargo Delivery Parachute System. JPADS 2K System of Choice. Carries unmanned loads up to 2,200 lbs. Max deployment altitude 24,500 ft. drop from below. Waxing / crescent moon.


We design, manufacture and support a diverse range of products for the U.S. Department of Defense (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) and their international allies.

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Airborne Systems Intruder RA-1 Army Ram Air Parachute system for military special forces and beginner jumpers. Carries 450 lbs. Max deployment altitude 25,000 ft. Canopy and blue sky.

Training Programs

From qualified instructors familiar with military jump and cargo drop requirements, to programs for maintenance and packing techniques, Airborne Systems has a wide range of training programs and courses available.

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Airborne Systems space parachute & inflatable systems. Military-grade deceleration, airbag landing, aerospace recovery, personnel & cargo delivery parachute systems. Entry, Descent & Landing System (EDLS) development for space and high altitude applications. Recovery system for the Discoverer XIII reentry capsule. Three red and white canopies with blue sky.

Space & Recovery

Our unmatched technical skills and innovative capabilities provide deceleration system solutions including large spacecraft recovery and aircraft spin and stall recovery systems.

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