Intruder® 210R Receives TSO-C23(f) Certification from FAA

31 Aug 2020

Airborne Systems is pleased to announce the Intruder® 210R reserve parachute has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO-C23(f) certification, the latest and most stringent FAA certification standard. The Intruder® 210R is offered for use with our iRaider harness system, and is compatible with the full range of Instructor parachutes from 170 to 230. This integrated system combines the reliability, safety and high glide ratio of the RA series with a lightweight harness container to meet the demands of military freefall instructors.

Airborne Systems is very proud of our dedicated and passionate R&D team. Countless hours, hundreds of test jumps, and multiple design iterations all played a key role in meeting all the requirements for TSO-C23(f) certification. The TSO-C23(f) certification applies to equipment intended to be used as a reserve or emergency parachute and is the most stringent set of testing requirements certified by a national authority.