Cargo Delivery Systems

Airborne Systems designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of cargo delivery parachute systems to carry payloads weighing between 100 – 42,000 lb. These aerial delivery systems were designed using the most advanced technology to deliver supplies to military forces and humanitarian missions on land and water accurately, autonomously and economically.

Airborne Systems aerial delivery solutions have been recognized and trusted for the last 20 years for use in military and special operations, humanitarian organizations, and civilian search and rescue operations.


All of our GPADS platforms have been developed and manufactured by Airborne Systems. The MicroFly®, FireFly®, and DragonFly® systems are capable of delivering payloads from 200 – 10,000 lb (90.7 – 4535.9 kg). Airborne Systems has also developed the MegaFly™ and GigaFly™ which increase the payload range to over 40,000 lb (18100 kg).  All operate with a common algorithm, user interface, and mission planner.  The packing methodology for all systems is identical, so little additional training is required to qualify riggers on different systems

Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems  (5)

MicroFly II®

Improve military mission capabilities without compromising safety or increasing training requirements.

The MicroFly II® is an autonomous equipment delivery system that emphasizes ease of use, flexibility, and low cost.

  • Keep the unit intact and in control of its equipment through the entire insertion phase of the operation
  • Use with any ram-air canopy, including the Airborne Systems Intruder® (RA-1), MC-4, MC-5, or others based on mission requirements

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The system’s guidance, navigation and control software analyzes its environment in real time, ensuring accurate payload delivery.

  • Carries unmanned payloads up to 2,200 lb (1000 kg)
  • Can be dropped from altitudes up to 24,500 feet
  • Flies 25 kilometers or more given environmental conditions.

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Featuring a fully elliptical ram-air parachute canopy, it has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to land within 150 meters of a designated Impact Point.

  • Compatible with the current U.S. JPADS Mission Planner (JPADS MP)
  • Selected as the Cargo Delivery System of choice for the U.S. 10,000 lb. Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS 10k) Program

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jTrax® Mission Planner (MP)

Software for GPADS and jumpers

jTrax® Mission Planner (MP) is proprietary software that allows the Jumpmaster to quickly determine the Release Point (RP) for personnel and Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS) drops.

It is operated in three simple steps:
• Select the parachute system and All Up Weight (AUW)
• Select the Impact Point (IP) and exit altitude
• Select the aircraft to be used

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jTrax® Navaid

Navigation aid and software for jumpers and GPADS

The Navaid improves safety and increases effectiveness of military jumpers by providing accurate navigation for even the most demanding missions. The jTrax® Navaid system includes:

  • one pilot unit
  • one display screen
  • one support board or a harness
  • one back-up compass (optional)

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Low-cost Aerial Delivery  (4)



Airborne Systems designs and manufactures a low cost cargo parachute that can be utilized as a one-time system or repacked and reused as necessary.

  • Easily assemble or make repairs in the field without sewing
  • Eliminates the requirement to recover the deployment bag into the aircraft with the release-away static line
  • Reduce costs on assembly, training and maintenance

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This unique one-time use parachute complements the 2K FireFly® system and is part of the Airborne Systems family of Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS).

  • Eliminate maintenance, training and rigger support, as it is delivered packed ready for deployment requiring only simple rigging to the payload.
  • Lower cost of equipment thanks to innovative use of fabric material and construction methods.
  • A pre-packed ready-to-use parachute to go with the FireFly® AGU and autonomous navigation software.

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FC Mini

Improve military mission capabilities without compromising safety or increasing training requirements.

The FC Mini is a smaller version of the FlyClops 2K, for payloads between 200-500lbs.

  • Parachute and AGU can be stored up to 5 years prior to use
  • Lightweight, 11 lbs (4.9 kg)
  • Delivered ready to use
  • Max release altitude of 24,500 ft MSL (7468 m)

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FlyClops® 2K


The FlyClops® 2K is a complete system that is an alternative and low cost option to our standard FireFly 2K system.

  • Supports operational payload between 700 – 2,200 lb (317.5 – 998 kg)
  • Lightweight, 77 lb (35 kg)
  • Delivered ready to use

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