OCTO-11 is Airborne Systems’ newest static line troop parachute, alongside our legacy T-11 and MC-6 systems.

OCTO-11 features:

  • Octagonal crown
  • Eight arms with meshed corner vents
  • Rotate-to-land capability
  • Stable, low rate of descent reduces landing injuries
  • Traditional packing / 24 lines
  • Fits 5th percentile female through 97th percentile male

Design Concept

After 10 years of service, the T-11 parachute performance and user feedback was analyzed by our Research and Development team. This sparked a major development program aimed at preserving the unique qualities of the T-11 (soft, consistent openings, slow rate of descent and virtually perfect stability) while reducing the number of components, simplifying rigging, reducing packing time, and improving responsiveness to riser slip maneuvers.

We then landed on OCTO-11. This parachute features an octagonal crown and eight arms fitted with horizontal mesh to improve stability. The eight arms are joined to form a continuous hem. The eight small corner vents are meshed to eliminate the risk of jumper entanglement.

The unique design of OCTO-11 allows for smooth progressive opening (4 seconds) and low oscillation after canopy inflation. Two toggles allow the jumper to rotate the canopy along its vertical axis while maintaining its ballistic characteristics. No drive is created, which significantly reduces the chance of canopy collision. OCTO-11 allows the jumper to induce a more efficient riser slip, more quickly than T-11.


OCTO-11 is composed of 24 shaped gores, providing radials of equal length. The hem is equipped with an anti-inversion net and no slider is required to control the opening.


Octo-11 is fully compatible with T-11R reserve parachute, and has passed compatibility tests across the weight range.



Maximum All Up Weight
450 lb (204 kg)
Deployment altitude – Above Sea Level (ASL)
Minimum 500 ft ±125 ft (152.4 m ± 38.1 m)
Maximum 12000 ft (3650 m)

Maximum aircraft speed
50 KIAS (278 km/h)
Rate of descent at sea level
400 lb (181.4 kg) AUW < 18 ft/s (< 5.48 m/s)

Hem diameter
25.5 ft (7.8 m)
Repack cycle
365 days