World-Class Instructors, Unmatched Aircraft Support


The ISO 9001:2008 certified Airborne Systems Training Facility is approximately 800 meters (2,500 ft) from the main runway at Eloy Municipal Airport, co-located with Skydive Arizona, the world’s largest civilian drop-zone and provider of DoD approved aircraft specific to both civilian and military jump operations. The Training Facility provides a complete turnkey solution to the training needs associated with the purchase and sustainment of our full line of products. From qualified instructors totally familiar with military jump and cargo drop requirements, to programs for maintenance and packing techniques, a wide range of training programs and courses are available. Most of our trainers have years of experience working in military environments and understand thoroughly the proficiency requirements at various levels. All of our courses offer certificates of proficiency to certify that our customers are keeping pace with changing market requirements.

Before each course, Airborne Systems performs a Training Needs Analysis for each customer to compare current operational capabilities with the desired end state and allow the training course to be tailored to the customers’ needs.

In addition to providing training on Airborne Systems products, the Airborne Systems Training Facility also conducts tactical training for operational units.

Recent courses delivered include Advanced Military Free Fall Skills, High Altitude Parachute Operations, Combo Drop Training (training Military Free Fall units to jump alongside JPADS/GPADS platforms), rigger training, and maintenance training.

Students are assessed and given feedback during each course as well as detailed training records and course certifications upon graduation.

Training can also be provided at regularly scheduled intervals in order to maintain proficiency levels for both the use and maintenance of the equipment, to train new personnel, and to educate customers about expanding product lines and capabilities.

All courses can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements and may even be combined if required.

Airborne Systems new equipment training courses can be conducted at the Airborne Systems Training Facility in Eloy, Arizona USA or in-country at the customers own military installation.


Fully Equipped and Strategically Located

These features provide military units a year-round training venue that is often unavailable at their home stations in the U.S. or overseas:

  • On-site aircraft support from one of the largest DoD approved aircraft providers.
  • The highest number of days for good weather in the U.S. according to NOAA
  • A 1,500 square foot, padded packing mat and a parachute suspension bar that allows up to twelve jumpers to pack simultaneously, enabling a group of 24 jumpers or 8 riggers to train simultaneously
  • The large landing zone footprint allows for the required safety margin for GPADS drops.
  • Ability to facilitate high altitude jumps up to 25,000 feet.


Troop Parachute Systems Courses- T-11 and MC-6

10 Days - 1 Instructor for every 4 students
Airborne Systems offers courses are both our troop parachute systems, the T-11 and the MC-6. Typically each course spans 10 days, however they can be customized depending on the needs and skills of the participating students. T-11 Course: The T-11 Course qualifies rigger students to pack the T-11 main and T-11R reserve parachutes. Instruction on inspection, assembly, and maintenance of the T-11 system is also included. MC-6 Course: The MC-6 course qualifies rigger students to inspect, assemble and pack the MC-6 Main parachute system and the reserve (T-11R). For each course, Jump Master students are taught 'Jump Master Personnel Inspection' (JMPI) and aircraft procedures... Read More >

Ram Air Parachute Systems: Intruder® (RA-series) and Hi-5 Courses

10 Days - 1 Instructor for every 4 students
Airborne Systems is proud to offer courses for our high performance ram air parachute systems, the Intruder®, and the Hi-5. Each course qualifies riggers to pack the main and reserve canopies of either the Intruder® or the Hi-5, depending on which course is chosen. Rigger students are also qualified on inspection, assembly, and maintenance of the system. Instruction on converting the system between static line and free fall configuration is also provided. Jump Master students are taught 'Jump Master Personnel Inspection' (JMPI), how to calculate the Computed  Air Release Point (CARP), actions in the aircraft, and are given hands-on instruction... Read More >

GPADS and JPADS Courses

5-10+ Days - 1 Instructor for every 5 students
The Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS) Course qualifies students to assemble, inspect, pack, rig, program, and maintain any of the GPADS platforms manufactured by Airborne Systems. As part of the GPADS Operator Course, students are taught how to plan missions and conduct GPADS drops (live drops are typically conducted as part of this course. We offer courses on systems such as the FireFly 2K®, MicroFly II®, DragonFly®, and the GPADS 4K®. Each course varies between 5 and 10 days, with 1 instructor for every 5 students. After any of our GPADS courses, students learn inspection, assembly and packing of the... Read More >

jTrax Navaid® Mission Planner Course

2 Days - 1 Instructor for every 10 students
Our jTrax Navaid® Mission Planner Course teaches students to generate mission plans for free-fall jumpers as well as guided precision aerial delivery systems (GPADS/JPADS). This course ensures that students are able to make decisions that are safe, consistent with best practices, and maximize potential for GPADS/JPADS and MFF mission success.  ... Read More >

SOLR® Personnel Oxygen System Courses

2 Days - 1 Instructor for every 4 students
Airborne Systems offers courses on our line of SOLR® Oxygen equipment, such as the 3,000 and 4,500 psi bailout bottles, OXCON, and the SOLR® Oxygen Mask. These courses include basic inspection and repair of the SOLR® equipment with our skilled designers of the products themselves... Read More >