Multi-Mission System (MMS)


Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


Military Ram Air Parachute Missions System

The Multi-Mission System (MMS) is the evolution of the Ram Air parachute (RA-1) system to include drogue fall capability. It keeps all the existing features of the RA-1 military parachute system, such as the bio-contour, magnet riser covers, inspection windows and high altitude seat while allowing the user to choose from a complete set of deployment methods.

Army Parachute Mission System Configurations

The MMS can be configured in various modes:

Without a drogue

  • Spring pilot chute with over-the-shoulder ripcord
  • Double-bag static line
  • Hand deploy

With a drogue

  • Self-set drogue
  • Hand-set drogue
  • Static line drogue
  • Release Away Static Line Drogue

The conversion between modes is easy and requires no special tools.

The MMS is available with a variety of attachment points and handle configurations. In the drogue versions, there are two drogue release handles (right hand in the front of the harness, left hand at the bottom of the container). The main release handle is coupled with the drogue release handle.

Ram Air Parachute Compatibility

The MMS accommodates the Intruder® 360 Main and Reserve canopies, or the Hi-5 Main and Reserve canopies.

Intruder® 360 Main Canopy

The main canopy is a nine cell hybrid construction (zero porosity top skin, 1.1 oz. 0-3 CFM nylon bottom skin) capable of three deployment methods:

  • Double Bag Static Line (DBSL)
  • Over the Shoulder Ripcord (OTS)
  • Bottom of Container Throw Out Pilot Chute (BOC)

The Hi-5®

  • All Up Weight (AUW) of 485lbs on both the main and reserve
  • A greater glide ratio of 5:1
  • A docile & safe canopy*
  • A silent canopy
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance

* Even in full brake, the canopy does not stall. The toggle’s pressure is light even with heavy weight.

Ram Air Parachute Advanced Technology

The new design capitalizes on the handling characteristics of the Intruder, and performance of the Hi-Glide, and embraces the tactical consideration of a true ‘main on main’ (main and reserve with identical flight performance) tactical parachute system.

Ram Air Parachute Precision Handling

The Hi-5® Ram Air Parachute is intuitive for the rigger to pack and for the jumper to handle, with a performance similar to the MC-6 parachute. You can go long distances, but with a unique b-line stall capability that’s used in paragliding-type parachutes.  You can steer and change glide ratio simultaneously, and land it in very small areas.



Specifications for the Hi-5 370 Main

Parachute Type
Elliptical 11 Cell Ram Air

Maximum Deployment Altitude
25,000 ft (7,620 m) AMSL

Area: 370 ft² (34 m²)

Minimum Deployment Altitude
3,500 ft (1,067) m) AGL

Maximum All Up Weight

485 lb (220 kg)

Minimum All Up Weight
210 lb (95 kg)

Rate of Descent at 350 lb (159 kg)

7.5 ft/s or 2.3 m/s

Deployment Method
Spring Loaded Pilot Chute
Double Bag Static Line
Bottom of Container Throw Out Chute
Dogue Deployed (MMS)

Glide Ratio