Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


An Advanced Cargo Delivery Parachute System

The Airborne Systems FireFly® cargo delivery parachute was selected by the U.S. DoD as the system of choice for the U.S. 2,000 lb. Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (2K JPADS) program. The system’s guidance, navigation and control software analyzes its environment in real time, ensuring accurate payload delivery. Its long-distance capability increases safety for the aircrew and the receiving unit, reducing the need for ground logistics. It is currently being used in operational theater to reliably deliver supplies and equipment to U.S. forces in remote locations.

Accurate, Reliable, and Easy to Use

  • Carries unmanned payloads up to 2,200 lbs. (1000 kg)
  • Can be dropped from altitudes up to 24,500 feet MSL
  • Flies 25 kilometers or more given environmental conditions.
  • Lands on target or up to 150 meters maximum of the designated impact point
  • Continually adjusts for wind conditions until the final flare to land

This horizontal and vertical separation between the delivery aircraft and the unit receiving supplies increases safety for the air crew and improves security for the receiving unit. The ability to autonomously deliver supplies reduces a deployed unit’s logistical footprint and decreases the number of convoys required to sustain the force.

Mission Planning

Comes standard with Airborne Systems jTrax® Mission Planner. Simulating missions before an actual airdrop allows the aircrew to ensure surrounding terrain will have no effect on the mission.

Compatible with the current U.S. JPADS Mission Planner (JPADS MP); programmable through the mission planner software or the remote control unit.

*The Airborne Systems jTrax® Mission Planner is also capable of running simulated missions using the included terrain mapping software.

Control Unit

The remote control unit offers the following capabilities:

  • Provides guidance, navigation, and control software for greater accuracy and better reliability
  • Monitors the status of systems while onboard the aircraft prior to drop
  • Monitors directional heading during flight ensuring landing on designated impact point.
  • Enables manual operator override with handheld device

Family of Systems

The FireFly® is part of a family of GPADS platforms developed and manufactured by Airborne Systems. The MicroFly®, FireFly®, and DragonFly® systems are capable of delivering gross rigged weights from 200 lbs. (90.7 kg) to 10,000 lbs. (4,535 kg). Airborne Systems has also developed the MegaFly® and the GigaFly® which will increase the GRW range up to 42,000 lbs. (19,050 kg). All operate with a common algorithm, user interface, and mission planner. The packing methodology for all systems is identical, so little additional training is required to qualify riggers on different systems.



Payload Capacity

650 - 2,200 lb (294.8 - 1089 kg)

System Weight

162 lb (73.5 kg)


56 ft (17.1 m)


18 ft (5.5 m)

Cell Count


Opening Shock (Max)

4.5 g’s

Max Release Altitude

24,500 ft (7,468 m)

Min Release Altitude

5,000 ft (1,524 m)

Max Glide, L/D (no wind)