SOLR® Oxygen Mask


Supplemental Parachute Oxygen Mask

The SOLR® Parachute Oxygen Mask builds on the reliability and strong features of its predecessor, the Airborne Systems’ PHAOS Oxygen Mask, the current reference for the parachutist oxygen masks used by Military Units worldwide. 

The SOLR® Oxygen Mask is compatible with the new SOLR® and legacy PHAOS Bailout Bottles. It is also compatible with the PHANTOM Bailout Bottle. 

New and Improved Parachute Oxygen Mask

The SOLR® Oxygen Mask provides the same performance and time proven reliability as the PHAOS Oxygen Mask, with the added benefit of new features developed based on input received from experiences collected over the years from the Military Free Fall community. 

The SOLR® Oxygen Mask features a new non-dilution oxygen demand regulator which delivers 100% oxygen during inhalation, both during pre-breathing and during the actual jump and descent under canopy.  This ensures that the jumper is never breathing a mix of gas and mitigates the risk of hypoxia, drastically increasing the safety of operation.  This breakthrough innovation is made possible thanks to the very high service pressure of Airborne Systems’ latest Bailout Bottles, allowing them to contain significantly more oxygen than traditional Bailout Bottles. 

Versatile and Comfortable Parachute Oxygen Mask

  • Lightweight 
  • On demand regulator, no dilution (100% O2) 
  • Modular (dilution module optional) 
  • Compatible with SOLR® / PHAOS / PHANTOM Bailout Bottles 
  • 5 sizes (from the 3rd percentile female through the 97th percentile male) 
  • Compatible with all parachutist helmets on the market 
  • Easy maintenance 

Its black soft silicone shell has a lower durometer than the traditional harder gray silicone shell found on other Oxygen Masks and was specifically developed to improve comfort over extended period of use. 

Safety as a Priority

The SOLR® Oxygen Mask is equipped with an automatic Anti Suffocation Valve that opens up automatically when the jumper’s Bailout Bottle is empty or disconnected from the mask. It allows the jumper to breathe comfortably throughout the total descent, even after all oxygen is consumed. It also provides facial protection for inadvertent landings in brush and trees. The SOLR® Oxygen Mask eliminates hoses and connectors on the front torso providing the parachutist with a “clean front” thus improving vision and mobility.  

It provides a secured and adjustable seal to the jumper’s face. It can be easily and rapidly detached by the jumper himself or by another user assisting the jumper in case of emergency. The SOLR® Oxygen Mask is also equipped with a standard M-169A/ AIC microphone that can be connected easily to the parachutist’s communication equipment. 

Additional Oxygen System Products

The Airborne family of personnel oxygen systems for military jumpers also includes: 






Inlet Pressure
40 to 80 psig

Altitude (ceiling)
35,000 ft (10,668 m)

Sizes available
XSN (Extra Small Narrow)
SN (Small Narrow)
MN (Medium Narrow)
MW (Medium Wide)
LW (Large Wide)