Personnel Parachute Systems

Airborne Systems designs and manufactures high-performance, truly-elliptical Ram-Air parachutes for various types of military missions, including the challenging special operations missions. Using advanced canopy technologies, these parachute systems provide responsive handling, safe flight characteristics, and exceptional glide performance. Airborne Systems also uses the latest ergonomics in harness design, giving the users comfortable and durable systems.

Airborne Systems Ram-Air Parachutes are currently in service with military forces worldwide.

High-Performance Ram Air Parachute Systems  (6)

jTrax® Mission Planner (MP)

Software for GPADS and jumpers

jTrax® Mission Planner (MP) is proprietary software that allows the Jumpmaster to quickly determine the Release Point (RP) for personnel and Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS) drops.

It is operated in three simple steps:
• Select the parachute system and All Up Weight (AUW)
• Select the Impact Point (IP) and exit altitude
• Select the aircraft to be used

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jTrax® Navaid

Navigation aid and software for jumpers and GPADS

The Navaid improves safety and increases effectiveness of military jumpers by providing accurate navigation for even the most demanding missions. The jTrax® Navaid system includes:

  • one pilot unit
  • one display screen
  • one support board or a harness
  • one back-up compass (optional)

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PS-2 Multi-Mission Parachute System

Multi-Mission System

The PS-2 Multi-Mission Parachute System is the latest High Performance Parachute System offered by Airborne Systems. The PS-2 features a harness container that is capable of both bottom-of-container pilot chute deployment and drogue fall deployment methods.

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Intruder System (RA-1)

The Intruder system was type classified as the RA-1 by the U.S. Army and suitable for HALO/HAHO missions

Suited for a novice in need of docile performance or an experienced pilot who demands performance extremes for mission success.

  • Intended for use during HALO or HAHO missions, the Intruder 360 main canopy incorporates a design developed by Airborne Systems that improves velocity and glide.
  • Pressurized stabilizers increase glide performance and improve performance in deep brakes by forcing the canopy to track forward without lateral slip. The pressurized stabilizers also render the canopy completely silent.

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Intended for use during HALO or HAHO missions

The Hi-5® is truly one of a kind, not only does it have exceptional ram air glide performance, but it also has the ability to lose altitude quickly similar to a troop parachute. In order to achieve this, our engineers designed our patent pending Glide Modulation System.

  • A higher All Up Weight (AUW) of 485lbs on both the main and reserve
  • A greater glide ratio of 5:1
  • A docile & safe canopy
  • A silent canopy

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Multi-Mission System (MMS)


The Multi-Mission System (MMS) is the evolution of the RA-1 system to include droguefall capability. It keeps all the existing features of the RA-1 system, such as the bio-contour, magnet riser covers, inspection windows and high altitude seat while allowing the user to choose from a complete set of deployment methods.

  • Spring pilot chute with over-the-shoulder ripcord
  • Easy conversion between various modes

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Troop Parachute Systems  (4)



High Deployment Weight, Precise Infiltration, Reliable Performance

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Airborne Systems' newest static line parachute system

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Designed for use in mass parachute assaults from altitudes as low as 500 ft AGL

The T-11 is the next generation non-steerable troop parachute system. Airborne Systems is the only qualified source to provide the T-11 system internationally.

  • Carries a paratrooper with a total exit weight of 400 lb
  • Reduces jumper injury rate by over 75%
  • Improved reliability and consistency

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Offers greater maneuverability and exceptional performance for today’s warfighter.

The MC-6 main canopy is a highly modified, 28 gore polyconical parachute, which has been used by U.S. Special Forces for over 10 years, proving itself to be consistently safe and reliable.

  • Turn quickly with minimum pendular motion thanks to the canopy’s nominal 32 ft. diameter and a unique drive system
  • Correct a landing point overshoot with the MC-6’s unique ability to back-up in deep brakes
  • Control forward speed and turn-rate in flight

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