SOLR® Oxygen Booster Pump


Safe Oxygen Booster Pump Air Systems

The SOLR® Oxygen Booster Pump for army jumpers can be used safely and efficiently to fill high pressure oxygen systems to pressures up to 4,500 psi.

Although designed to be used with the SOLR® 3000 and SOLR® 4500 high pressure parachutist oxygen systems, the SOLR® Oxygen Booster Pump is also compatible with legacy equipment including the PHAOS and PHANTOM systems.

Air Boosters for HALO / HAHO Military Missions

  • Three high pressure outlets preset at 3,000 psi.
  • One low pressure outlet preset at 1,800 psi.
  • All outlets can be adjusted by the end user to provide fill pressures to 4,500 psi.
  • Brass high pressure manifold
  • Electrically-driven pump
  • CGA 540 inlet connector
  • Two position adjustable inlet shut-off valve
  • Two-stage design
  • Two Safety Relief Valves for high pressure and low pressure outlets
  • Seals rated at 10,000 psi.
  • Non-lubricated drive section
  • Sealed bearings
  • Cooling fan and finned intercooler
  • Fills oxygen cylinders at nearly ambient temperature*
  • Digital hour meter to track service life
  • Easy maintenance (see service schedule)
  • Weight: approximately 165 lbs. (75 kg)
  • Dimensions approximately 45” x 19” x 20.5” (114 cm x 48 cm x 52 cm)

* Because temperature increases are a safety hazard during oxygen replenishment, the thermal stability provided by the SOLR® Oxygen Booster Pump virtually eliminates fire hazards when filling pressurized systems.

Oxygen Booster Pump Capacity

The SOLR® Oxygen Booster Pump is factory preset to fill:

  • three systems to 3,000 psi (e.g. bailout bottles) and one system to 1,800 psi (e.g. oxygen console)
  • four systems to 1,800 psi.
  • can be easily adjusted to accommodate filling to any pressure up to 4,500 psi, whether on special request at the time of the order, or directly by the end user.

Additional Oxygen Booster Pump System Products

The Airborne family of personnel oxygen systems for military jumpers also includes: