Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System

Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


Cargo Delivery Parachute – One-time Use Airdrop System

The 2K1T is a lower cost, one-time use ram-air cargo delivery parachute. This unique one-time use military parachute complements the FireFly® system and is part of the Airborne Systems family of Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS).

The Firefly® was selected as the system of choice by the US Army as part of the JPADS 2K Program and is currently being used in operational theaters delivering supplies and equipment to forces in remote locations. The 2K1T parachute is modeled after the Firefly® parachute, but is constructed using alternative material and manufacturing processes to reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

2K1T Operation is Easy As 1-2-3

To place the system into operation, the user only needs to attach the 2K1T canopy to the FireFly AGU, rig the system to a payload, enter in the Gross Rigged Weight of the system, and program the location of the Impact Point. The 2K1T parachute does not need to be recovered, thus reducing the equipment cost of delivering supplies using GPADS. The 2K1T Parachute has the same technical performance and capability as the FireFly® parachute.

Enhanced Flexibility and Lower Cost for Precision Airdrops

  • Add flexibility and increase options for the commanders in the field.
  • Enhance the safety of ground forces by eliminating the need to recover the parachute.
  • Rated for loads up to 2,200 lbs. (1000 kg).
  • Drop from high altitudes up to 17,500 ft. AMSL with a 20 km stand-off (in zero wind condition), for an accurate landing within 150 meters of the pre-defined impact point.
  • Eliminate maintenance, training and rigger support, as it is delivered packed ready for deployment requiring only simple rigging to the payload.
  • Lower cost of equipment thanks to innovative use of fabric material and construction methods.
  • This pre-packed ready-to-use parachute goes with the FireFly® AGU and autonomous navigation software.

Compatible with other GPADS Products

The FireFly® uses the same system architecture with respect to user interface and rigging as the entire family of Airborne Systems GPADS products.



Payload Capacity GRW

750-2,200 lb (340 - 998 kg)

Parachute Weight

72 lb (33 kg)

Opening Shock

4.5 g's

Maximum Release Altitude

17,500 ft (5,334 m) AMSL

Minimum Release Altitude

5, 000 ft (1,524 m) AGL

Max Glide Ratio, No Wind