FlyClops® 2K


Fly Farther, Carry More, Land Softly


One-time Use Cargo Delivery Parachute System

The FlyClops® 2K is a unique, low-cost, one-time use Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System (GPADS) solution that eliminates recovery, maintenance and support requirements for payloads between 750-2200lb (340-998kg). The FlyClops® 2K is a complete cargo delivery parachute system that is an alternative and low-cost option to our standard FireFly system and includes:

Once deployed, the system need not be recovered. The reduction in initial cost and the life cycle resource savings provide added operational flexibility.

GPADS Capability

  • Supports operational payload between 700 – 2,200 lbs. (317.5 – 998 kg)
  • Lightweight, 72 lbs. (32.7 kg)
  • Max release altitude of 17,500 ft. (5334 m)
  • 2K1T Canopy

Precision Airdrops Made Simple

FlyClops 2K® can glide up to 25 kilometers after being dropped, and will land within 150 meters of a designated Impact Point (IP). This horizontal and vertical separation between the delivery aircraft and the unit receiving supplies increases safety for the air crew and improves security for the receiving unit. The ability to autonomously deliver supplies reduces the need for vehicular traffic, reducing the logistical footprint and the number of convoys required to sustain a deployed force.

Ease of Use  

The FlyClops® 2K is delivered packed and ready for deployment, and requires only simple rigging to the payload.  

2K1T Option – Reduce Cost, Improve Flexibility

The 2K1T parachute delivers the same high performance and capability as the FireFly® parachute, but is designed to enable the soldier to cut the payload and guidance system free, leaving the parachute behind. Using the lower cost 2K1T parachute reduces the equipment cost of providing aerial supplies using GPADS should operational constraints dictate that the conventional FireFly® parachute cannot be recovered at the time. This option provides greater operational flexibility to commanders in the field.

Cargo Delivery Parachute Mission Planning

The FlyClops 2K® is compatible with the jTrax® Mission Planner and the U.S. Air Force Consolidated Airdrop Tool Mission Planning Application (CAT MPA). 



Payload Capacity

700 - 2,200 lb (340 - 998 kg)

Canopy Weight with AGU

72 lb (32.7 kg)

Opening Shock (Max)

4.5 g’s

Max Release Altitude

17,500 ft (5,334 m)

Min Release Altitude

5,000 ft (1,524 m)

Max Glide, L/D (no wind)



2,200 lb (998 kg)


700 lb (318 kg)