Airborne Systems - Space recovery parachutes systems. Inflatable flotation devices and landing systems. Capsule, booster, and payload recovery systems for spacecraft equipment. Space capsule descending with 3 red and white canopies and blue sky.

Space Systems

Since the early days of the U.S. space program and the development of the recovery system for the Discoverer XIII reentry capsule (the first man made item ever recovered from orbit) Airborne Systems has been at the forefront of Entry, Descent & Landing System (EDLS) development for space and high altitude applications. Since the 1960’s, […]

Aircraft Parachutes - Inflatable Systems Spin Chute head on. Aircraft landing deceleration systems. Design and manufacture of military-grade parachutes. Entry, Descent & Landing System (EDLS) for aircraft.

Air Systems

Airborne Systems has extensive experience and expertise in a variety of applications related to aircraft safety and effectiveness, weapons delivery and delivery of personnel and cargo to the warfighter. Aircraft applications include spin and stall recovery systems for flight test, aircraft escape systems – ejection seat and walk around, and aircraft landing brakes.  Weapons systems […]

Space Parachutes - Airborne Systems Inflatable space parachutes. Design, development, and manufacture of inflatable parachute systems for aerospace structures used by the military and NASA.

Inflatable Systems

We have developed a wide range of inflatable products starting with production of hundreds of thousands of BSU-85 Air Inflatable Retarders in the 1960’s to the recent development of large scale Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators (IADs) for NASA. This experience provides a significant capability to design, analyze, develop and fabricate inflatable and fabric structures including inflatable […]